Exterior steel doors

We offer two series of profiles

Steel profile with broken thermal bridge

The most technologically advanced thermally insulated steel system. It is a unique system profile made of steel that meets all the criteria of modern design and at the same time offers the required thermal insulation properties.

Thin lines, subtle construction of profiles that offer a modern narrow frame from 27 mm, which is the thinnest and most sophisticated profile on the market. Unique double half-groove seal - inner and outer and drop sill

Industrial profile

follows traditional factory windows and doors with its subtlety from 12mm to the traditional eLk look. It is especially popular with puppeteers and architects for buildings that are listed or trying to achieve a true industrial look,

Profiles allow the use of insulating double-glazed and triple-glazed, as well as insulating special glasses such as anti-noise, safety, mirror, milky and many others. This guarantees excellent thermal insulation, making this system ideal for projects in climatically demanding areas where energy saving regulations are extremely high

Our profiles make it possible to set up doors as single and double-wing, fixed and rotating on a pivot. Opening in and out. We can even fit doors with electric locks, security sensors, security locks connected to the keyboard, magnets

the surface is finally powder coated in a professional paint shop for a flawless appearance and a durable finish

Our offer of these Corten and brass profiles is unique. No painting in similar shades, but Corten and brass are used as materials, which are sought after by architects. The surface is not varnished, it remains natural and changes its shade slightly every year, giving it a unique look

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