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  • Sliding barn door double Z in frame
  • Sliding barn door double Z in frame

on stock 1pc Sliding barn door in frame 203x70cm

the price is for a piece of door without a sliding accessory system, according to the specifications on the right,

the doors are glazed with a shade of nuts and brushed

You can freely combine the door with our sliding system from the menu

the doors are made exclusively by Czech craftsmen and in the Czech Republic

the material is solid spruce boards with a thickness of 21mm (the doors have a thickness of 42mm in doubling) and a width of 100mm

the boards are connected by a special technology (not just by placing the boards together), thanks to which no gap is created between the boards over time

the price includes the preparation of the door for hanging the arms and a groove in the lower part of the door for the floor market (the T-shaped mandrel keeps the door vertical and level, there is no need to prepare additional grooves, etc. in the floor)

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    if you want a door made of a different wood, or in a different design and size, please contact us. We are directly manufacturing and we will be happy to meet you

    You can also select door modifications:

    we can brush the door on request (the doors get a 3D surface and look older when painted)

    the door can be painted with wax glazing, where you can see the wood drawing under it (specify the shade at the end of the order with the RAL shade in the note)

    doors can also be painted with full paint, when the wood is completely hidden (specify the shade at the end of the order with the RAL shade in the note)


    keep in mind that the door is in front of the building opening. Measure the width and height of the building opening and select doors at least 1cm tall and 3cm wider on each side

    if you have a doorframe or skirting board at the floor wider without 0,5cm write us the width of skirting or doorframe in the message (we will supply longer rollers under rail and screws)