About us

We are a family company established on 15 years of experience. We operate especially in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our company specializes in the manufacture of bespoke sliding systems, barn doors and accessories.

We produce all our own products exclusively. All stages of production take place in the Czech Republic and all parts are made by Czech craftsmen.

We specialize in barn doors and sliding systems – our speciality which we produce in the Czech Republic.

After several years of experience, we have teamed up with designers to design our own retro sliding systems. All our sliding systems are made from Czech steel and Slovak bearings. Today, we provide several types of wheels and suspensions for wooden and glass doors. Apart from standard surface treatments in grey, black and anthracite, we also offer other colours from the RAL colour chart. 

We can build sliding systems on the basis of the client’s design or requirements. We specialize in bespoke production of atypical products, such as rails several metres in length, special grips for untraditional realizations, and many more tailor-made features. Thanks to the quality of our materials, optimum functionality for decades is guaranteed.

We offer a wide range of barn doors. We produce sliding doors for retro sliding systems, modern sliding systems and for construction casings. We can use the same style to create swing doors and doors with a frame.

At the customer’s request, we can construct doors of untraditional size or made of atypical wood. Our doors often come with transparent, colourful or ornamental glass panels. For outdoor installations, we use insulation and safety glass. 

Our portfolio includes barn doors with pane coating ideal for children’s rooms, restaurants and bistros. For private interiors, especially closets and bathrooms, we produce doors with a built-in mirror.

We use top-quality Czech wood, especially spruce. At the customer’s request, we use commonly available wood, such as oak, beech or larch.

To make the wood structure stand out, we can use a brush to create a 3D surface structure. For final treatment, we use Czech paint, varnish and glaze.

Everything is processed by our cabinet makers who use traditional production processes.

We create tailor-made solutions for any interior, which is why our company is popular with end clients, as well as producers of doors and windows, cabinet makers, architects and designers.

You can buy our ironwork via our e-shop or schedule a visit to our showroom located in the company’s headquarters.

We also provide professional assembly services for all our products.

We focus on the quality of our products and, given the wide range of our portfolio, all ironwork and doors are custom-made with delivery times specified in the Terms and Conditions.