Powder coating
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Powder coating

Powder coating of modern surface treatment technology.

Correct surface pre-treatment must be carried out before powder coating. He must be free of all grease and was dry. For cleaning we use chemical pretreatments (deoxidation, degreasing, phosphating and subsequent rinsing) or blasting, called sandblasting.

It is only when the surface is perfectly clean that the selected powder paint is applied in the application booth. The powder is applied to the workpiece using compressed air, which, when mixed with the powder, forms a "liquid mixture". In order to adhere the powder to the workpiece, it is provided with electrostatic energy in the application device. Electrostatic energy utilizes the physical phenomenon and the fact that oppositely charged particles attract. This causes the powder particles to be attracted to the sprayed part and subsequently adhered to the surface of the part.

The technology is carried out using an electrostatic or electrokinetic coating device.

After application of the powder paint, the parts are dried after wet pre-treatment. The furnace is cured at a temperature of 140 to 200 ° C to give the paint the necessary durability

Advantages of powder coating:

- the lacquered layer is resistant to impacts such as gravel, stones, etc.

- good scratch resistance

- excellent external durability

- high chemical resistance

all color are smooth:

or structured:

černá 9005 RAL:

antracit 7016 RAL: