We design and manufacture steel doors, partitions and windows near Mikulov in the south of Moravia.

We continue the tradition of ironworking with respect and humility for the craft, which we are pushing forward together with the designers. With many years of experience, we innovate production processes, use new technologies and modern hardware components. As a result, we come up with our own window and door designs.

The result is a perfect product that bears the distinctive style of at least 12 pairs of skilful hands of our employees. The production facility is located completely under one roof in our 1,000 m2 hall, where all the other components are made and assembled into the final product.

We take great pride in the fact that all our products come exclusively from our own production

We are one of the top manufacturers in our industry.


We continue the tradition of our family, which has been in the engineering and aircraft industry for three generations. We pass on experience and technical skills that we put to good use when making each and every product. The proof of this is the official protection of our production processes at the Industrial Property Office. Our unique technical designs that surpass the scope of professional skills are protected as a Utility Model.

Traditional Czech engineering production offers countless skilled artisans, a long tradition of production and thus the possibility of highly qualified employees. Our team includes ironworkers, welders, metallists, millers, designers, glaziers and fitters.

We carefully select the materials we use. We support local business by buying from them.


Every door starts with a drawing, where we try to incorporate your requirements and propose the best technical solution. Then comes the designer who uses a special program to draw every single product, down to the last detail, to complete perfection. We don’t use any mass-produced aluminium profiles. This allows us to design atypical solutions for each customer. Every door is simply honest handmade piece of work that we don't want to skimp. That is why we are sought after not only by renowned architects, but also by the general public.

Our accessories include our own sliding systems as well as handles which we mount on our windows and doors. We will not shy away from new challenges and atypical requests.


We draw on manufacturing processes that have been proven and working for hundreds of years. Their traces can be evident on industrial windows and doors in almost every town and city. We have augmented these processes with new technologies such as pivot or concealed adjustable hinges. We can offer our own profiles with interrupted thermal bridges for the exterior. They allow the use of double and triple glazing while maintaining the most subtle dimensions.

We use those made of COR-TEN steel or brass profile for specific applications.

We use innovative production processes that elevate our products to top-class technological masterpieces that are not only a design piece of your interior, but also a modern feature with perfect functionality.

Our priority is precision, thanks to which we can guarantee the functionality of all our products for many years to come.

Products from our workshop are inherited from generation to generation.

Our doors are the signature piece of your interior and everything else is a mere compromise.