Big format windows

We offer a unique solution of a subtle steel frame that is only 15mm thin. The profile has an interrupted thermal bridge and thus excellent thermal insulation properties.

We can glaze up to 6 meters in length, at a height of 3.2 meters

As the only one on the market, we do not work with commercially purchased profiles, but offer a unique custom profile. All windows are produced in a traditional artisanal way, from the initial welding, to painting and glazing. Everything in our production hall, with perfect supervision of the entire process.

The steel profile with an interrupted thermal bridge offers the most technologically advanced thermally insulated window system. It meets all the criteria of modern design and at the same time offers the required thermal insulation properties. The profiles allow the use of insulating double-glazed and triple-glazed windows, and depending on the selected type of glass and possible opening, we can reach values of around 0.9W/m2K.

The surface of the profile is treated with a special anti-corrosion technology, then painted with a base layer in the color chosen by the customer, and as a third step we apply a colorless protective layer for a flawless appearance and a durable surface

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