Black pivot steel interior door Loft 15

a unique pivot door system that meets all the criteria of modern design

perfect functionality and opening by 150 ° on each side, a total of 300 °

adjustable door stop position at opening and door stop point in closed position (exactly flush with the wall)

active shock absorbers are part of the system

the doors are made of our own steel profiles, which we produce with our own production in the Czech Republic

we produce doors in width and height according to your specifications, with an accuracy of millimeters (the price for the most common door dimensions is set on the page)

the price is for a complete functional door including the pivot system (without handle, without locking and without door frame - door frame is not used)

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    Technical properties:

    maximum opening on one side 150 °, total 300 °, you open inwards and outwards

    the system is adjustable on the floor -3 / 3 mm, depth adjustment -3 / 3 mm, alignment: -4 ° / 4 ° the gap between the door and the floor is 13 mm

    clear glass filling 4mm (optional safety glass, milky, mirror, ornamental)

    the surface is treated with a professional powder coating in shades of black, anthracite, gold (other colors according to the RAL swatch by agreement)

    the division of the door is into individual windows, which are glazed separately